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Wow. An inspirational story, stolen from [livejournal.com profile] arachne. Read on...

A rape victim defies traditional code
By Owais Tohid | Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN – When Mukhtaran Mai, a simple, uneducated peasant of a small village, was gang raped on the orders of a local council, her life was supposed to be over. In Pakistan's tribal and feudal culture, rape victims are usually ostracized. But Ms. Mai refused to back down, dedicating her life to social work and to changing attitudes about women.

"I had only three choices. Either to commit suicide by jumping in a well or shed tears all my life like any other victim in such cases. Or I could challenge the cruel feudal and tribal system and harsh attitudes of society," says Mai in a phone interview with the Monitor.
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I'm a few hours behind, but in my defense I've been busy working, heh. I just popped my head up to look around for the first time all day.

So anyways - Edgar Killen, former KKK member, murderer of 3 civil rights workers 41 years ago, was found guilty of manslaughter. Better late than never, I guess. It's too bad they only got manslaughter, but as I understand it the evidence trail was weak enough (and old enough) that getting a full murder count was risky and the prosecution decided to go for the easier manslaughter charge. But they got it, and that's good.

You can read about it here or just stop being lazy and look it up on your favorite news site yourself. ;)

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