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Hilary Clinton apparently lied about her visit to Bosnia in a few ways.

First off, there was no sniper fire, and there was no panicked running to safety. Nor, in fact, was the ceremony moved inside due to the threat of sniper fire. The whole sniper fire thing is pretty much all imaginary. To put thing in perspective: the great American war-hero, Sinbad (that old stand-up comedian) described it as completely safe - yes, he was there at the ceremony. The corkscrew landing she described was also BS - apparently, they just landed faster than normal to minimize any potential threat of hostile fire. That was a standard precaution, though, and there was no known sniper (or other) fire.

Secondly, she wasn't the first high profile American to go into the country after the peace treaty. The list there includes Madeleine Albright, John Shalikashvili, Bill Perry, various members of Congress and President Clinton. Of course, if I recall correctly, she had specifically said that she went before her husband, so that's just complete BS.

View her shocking heroism here:

Read more about it at the latest of around 1000 articles discussing it here:

For the record: I used to like Hilary Clinton. I no longer do. For all of Obama's faults, I think he stands head and shoulders above her in many ways, and right now, I hope she goes down in flames. She has managed, by hook and by crook (and by that of course I'm referring to her campaign staff) to single-handedly lower the standards of the Democratic primary race to the level of the Republican party. Thanks, Hil.

In other unshocking news, John McCain is a lying (and incompetent) sack of sh*t but almost no one seems to notice:

Talk about the media going easy on someone.

I hate politics in the U.S. On a good day, it's like taking a bath in sewage... and there are very few good days.

Powell '08

Sep. 15th, 2006 07:07 pm
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Mike Powell for President!

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Wow. An inspirational story, stolen from [livejournal.com profile] arachne. Read on...

A rape victim defies traditional code
By Owais Tohid | Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN – When Mukhtaran Mai, a simple, uneducated peasant of a small village, was gang raped on the orders of a local council, her life was supposed to be over. In Pakistan's tribal and feudal culture, rape victims are usually ostracized. But Ms. Mai refused to back down, dedicating her life to social work and to changing attitudes about women.

"I had only three choices. Either to commit suicide by jumping in a well or shed tears all my life like any other victim in such cases. Or I could challenge the cruel feudal and tribal system and harsh attitudes of society," says Mai in a phone interview with the Monitor.
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Heard about the Downing Street Memo (DSM)? The DSM is a document - supposedly verified by sources in both the US and UK - that details the discussion that happened in a meeting between high-level UK officials, discussing the plans for Iraq and if they'd be supporting the US in its invasion of Iraq. The only problem is that it took place in on July 23, 2002, well before the invasion, during the period in which Bush was still claiming to not want war with Iraq, to have no plans on invading, etc.

Anyways, the text of the DSM is online now. I won't deny that the site is biased against Bush and the US government (and the UK government, too), but if you ignore the commentary you can just go straight to the text of the memo itself and read that. It's interesting, anyways, regardless of which "side" you're on.


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